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Building your web presence one brick at a time.

Trying to stay abreast of the rush of technology can be a bit exasperating, yes? Fortuantely for you, Fat Roman makes it easy. We grind out the code so you don't have to worry about it.

Imagine taking a a well deserved weekend off, and your business is still hard at work. We understand what your visitors want and need. Automation. Finally, 120 years after the advent of the Industrial Revolution, you can have a machine that actually does some of the work for you.

Dynamic Development it seems, has caught everyone's imagination of late. So what is it? It's the use of coding languages (like ColdFusion or PERL) linked to a database (like MySQL) to produce real-time results on your site. So how is this applicable to you? You've seen it in action and probably didn't even know it was there. It keeps track of the product inventory when you order a book, lets you know how many spaces are left in that literature class you want to take, even provides live results to the baseball game you're following online. Even if you're just running an online lemonade stand, using Dynamic Development is simply good business.

Staring at a screen full of numbers day after day?

Throw off your chains and unite your site with Dynamic Development.
Dynamic sites make people come back. Again and again.
Using ColdFusion makes your site as dynamic as a certain caped crusader. And you don't have to appear in tights.
Visitors are fickle. They want information without having to look too hard. Dynamic Development gives them exactly what they expect.

A fresh approach can help you reach new clients and make a great impression on them... Let the design team at Fat Roman come up with a custom solution for you.

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