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You want to be assured that your mission critical data is locked-down, steel-door safe. Not surprisingly, so do we.

In fact, if you think the nice people over at Ft. Knox are neurotic about security,
well, you should see us in action.

Fat Roman offers you peace of mind with:

Rock-solid Linux servers with an uptime rate of over 99%
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for online transactions
Firewalls that know the difference between your customers and nefarious hackers

Our standard hosting plans cover almost everyone's needs.
Can't find what you want?
Contact us and we'll design a custom plan to meet your specifications.


Hard Drive Space:
150 MB
300 MB
500 MB
Monthly Transfer:
5 GB
10 GB
20 GB
POP E-mail:
5 Accounts
20 Accounts
70 Accounts
50 MB
100 MB
15 MB
50 MB

Email us at info@fatroman.com