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The 22nd Century has arrived ahead of schedule.

So, what do you want your site to do today? Audio or video streaming? Flash shows that resonate with your site visitors? Perhaps some custom animation?

Do you have seminars or conferences that not all of your associates or clients can attend? In the past, they'd have missed out on crucial presentations. Now, with the power of your website, you can broadcast audio, video and even Powerpoint productions to everyone, or simply a select few.

Flash is a great way to promote your interests in a high-impact, low-bandwidth manner. Any visitor with the free Flash player plug-in (currently, more than 98% of Internet users have it installed), can view your content. Translated into 436 million people, isn't that a market that you'd like to reach?

When you're trying to keep an eye on how your message is received around the world, multimedia can be an important ally. Some of our clients have used it for issues like these:
Online advocacy campaigns to create groundswell support.
Lobbying efforts to effect governmental change.
Dissemination of interviews with national media outlets.

A fresh approach can help you reach new clients and make a great impression on them... Let the design team at Fat Roman come up with a custom solution for you.

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